HSITAG Interviews: COVID 19 Response – Part 2

State HHS leaders across the nation have struggled to deal with the unexpected demands of COVID-19; civil servants have gone far beyond their daily responsibilities to serve people during such challenging times.  Highlighting some success stories, HSITAG presents this short video series to focus on what worked.

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HSITAG Interviews: COVID 19 Response – Part 1

HSITAG is excited to present this short video featuring HHS leaders from Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Virginia talking about their agency’s response to COVID-19 and how technology played a significant role in meeting the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

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HSITAG Giveback Campaign Highlights – Thank You to Our Members!

The Human Services IT Advisory Group (HSITAG) has a proud history of giving back to the community and supporting worthy causes, such as helping those in need and bringing more diversity to the technology industry.

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A Creative Solution to Homelessness in California Offers Important Data Points and Lessons Learned

As COVID-19 raged, state and local governments enacted “shelter at home” orders, but what did this mean for the homeless? A look at how one state responded with an innovative rapid emergency response and how data analysis and trends collected from this initiative could benefit other states and local communities interested in exploring a similar model.

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Human Services IT Advisory Group Forms Independent Trade Association to Expand and Diversify

The Human Services IT Advisory Group (HSITAG) has formed as a new independent nonprofit trade association to facilitate growth and new opportunities for its member companies. Click the link below to read more.

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Supporting Older Youth in the Midst of a Pandemic

It is clear that government agencies continue to adapt to new ways of working during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This blog spotlights the creative and diligent work that child welfare agencies are doing to support older youth. The HSITAG FFPSA committee interviewed representatives from Georgia, Nebraska, Idaho, Iowa and Minnesota child welfare agencies to find out what they’ve been doing to engage and care for these young people. Click on the link below to read more.

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